Sun shining through tree leaves

Better times ahead for payday loan companies?

Think of the word ‘sunny’ and you will probably involuntarily smile. It is one of those words that just makes you feel happy by conjuring up images of summer, and holidays, and fun. You will probably also hear the song in your head and start to hum it. Quite frankly, Sunny is one of the happiest words in the English alphabet and many companies over the years have incorporated it, or a derivative such as sunshine, into their name.

Now Sunny has entered the world of finance as are the new kids on the block in the world of payday loans. This is a brave move considering the bad press the companies in this sector have been receiving of late, but they believe they are bringing a real alternative to the table. This is the Sunny No Fee Guarantee, which does what it says on the tin. There is no fee for the funding of your loan and you only pay interest on the amount you have borrowed.

This is unique in the payday loan industry as one of the main complaints is the way the interest racks up should you miss a payment, even when it’s not your fault. As is the norm now, a witty advert has been released to get the message across about the Sunny guarantee, and show up their competitors at the same time.

We see a payday loan call centre that is like a game show. An advisor is asked on the phone if they do the Sunny guarantee, and puts the caller on hold. The other advisors are in a block and a light flashes around to determine which one has the unfortunate task of telling the customer they don’t do it.  The poor guy has to deliver the news, the customer leaves, and we cut to a satisfied Sunny customer.