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David Burnell Financial Services Limited is composed of financial professionals that can help you in managing your finances. They have offices in West Bridgford, Nottingham which cater to the citizens of United Kingdom and to all those expatriates as well. These independent financial advisers aim to provide excellent and reliable assistance to people with various monetary needs.

Taking care of one’s money is a tremendous job which explains why a lot of people turn to financial services industry for assistance. With the right advisers, you can address your day-to-day financial concerns easily.

What can you get with David Burnell Financial Services:

·         Highly qualified advisers are there to provide the best financial help to you.

·         They provide you with the right information about the financial services industry. If you have knowledge about these services, the better your decisions become.

·         David Burnell Financial Services has been in this field for quite some time, allowing them to offer top-of-the-line, professional guidance to their clients both individuals and businesses.

·         They will help you understand the available options, which allow you to make the right decisions along the way.

·         They are aware that your case is unique, so they provide financial solutions fit just for you.

House or property buying are what the majority of people aim for. It is considered to be a huge investment, so choosing the right Mortgage plan is very important.

David Burnell Financial Services Ltd also offers the ideal Mortgage advice to their clients. They help trim down the possible choices for you, simply by making you understand the terms and benefits regarding Mortgages.  These Nottingham based Mortgage advisers are the experts you need when looking for a sound solution for your money.
Types of Pensions
Pensioners have five types of Pension or Retirement income sources, and they are the State Pension, Occupational Pension Scheme, Stakeholder Pension, Personal Pension and the SIPPs/SSASs.

State Pension – Generally, a state pension gives a £107.45 to an individual on a weekly basis, and £171.85 to each couple per week. However, financial situations vary to each person, hence the exact amounts received are different as well.

The two types of State pension:

·         State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS)

·         State Second Pension (S2P)

Occupational Pension – This pension plan is usually provided by employers to their employees for their retirement. The employer is in charge of this pension scheme, and it is actually advisable to an employee to take advantage of this plan. You may either asked to contribute or not, depending on the pension scheme. Once paid, this type of pension is taxable and may increase every year as soon as you start benefiting from it. There are also a lot of pension schemes that give a tax-free, lump sum upon your retirement.

Types of Occupational Pension

·         Salary Related Scheme

·         Money Purchase Scheme

Choosing a suitable retirement plan for you can be very overwhelming. There are various schemes and alternatives to choose from. David Burnell Financial Services Ltd http://www.davidburnell.co.uk/ can provide you with the best-rate financial advice with the assurance of making you look forward to your retirement.